The first skin model to inject in human outside of an actual patient


HypoSkin® models hold the features and functionalities of in vivo human skin, with all cells and appendages, to generate predictive human data.


The models are standardized for reproducible research and testing on real, live human epidermis, dermis and adipose tissue.


The HypoSkin® model is the only human skin model on the market to study live response to subcutaneous and intradermal injection.


HypoSkin® is suitable for a broad range of drug and vaccine development studies, from PK/PD to immunotoxicity and cytotoxicity.


The only human skin model to study subcutaneous injections

Genoskin has developed an ex vivo human skin model including fat tissue. Hyposkin® is a full thickness living skin model and contains the three skin layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.
More and more drugs are administered subcutaneously like cancer treatments, anti-inflammatory agents, vaccins, dermal fillers, etc. Biologics represent a significant portion of those. The ex vivo human Hyposkin® platform allows efficacy and toxicity testing as well as compounds absorption and metabolism studies.


A human ex vivo skin model for subcutaneous injection

The HypoSkin® model is produced from healthy human tissue from abdominal plastic surgeries.
Epidermis, dermis and hypodermis remain preserved in Genoskin’s proprietary nourishing matrix allowing an experimental window of 7+ days.

HypoSkin biological validation

HypoSkin: The answer to the challenge of subcutaneously administered therapeutics development

The current lack of research tools to study injections in humans makes development of such therapeutic molecules very challenging, especially when animal testing is the only option for companies as they are not providing enough reliable and translationable data.
Hyposkin®, and all of Genoskin’s platforms using its technology, will support your drug development by delivering relevant and accurate data in immuno-toxicity, efficacy or metabolism field.


A fully immunocompetent living skin model

Therefore it can be used to assess immunotoxicity such as injection site reaction and efficacy such as T-cell mediated inflammation or vaccines immunogenicity.

ISR platform

Inflammaskin® platform

Hypo-InflammaSkin: a psoriasis model to study subcutaneous injections of anti-inflammatory biologics

a proof-of-concept case study

The HypoSkin technology was combined with the InflammaSkin model to evaluate the efficacy of subcutaneous psoriasis biologics adalimumab.

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Close up of psoriasis biologics adalimumab for subcutaneous injections in psoriasis model Hypo-InflammaSkin

HypoSkin® comes in different sizes to meet any subcutaneous injections need

HypoSkin® comes in a standardized 10 mm thickness to assess skin response to subcutaneous injections and topical or systemic administration.

Please note that HypoSkin® assays are performed in house through a broad range of services. Therefore, we would be happy to discuss with you to understand yours needs and help your project move forward.

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