Frequently asked questions

How does Genoskin collect human skin tissue ?

Genoskin has Biological Sample Transfer Agreements with French hospitals and clinics. All our donors are volunteering adults who undergo surgery. They sign an Informed Consent form to donate residual skin that would otherwise be destroyed.

Can you ship your products everywhere?

Yes, our human skin models and frozen skin samples are shipped around the world. Please visit our worldwide delivery page for more information.

How long does it take before I receive my order?

In order to collect the human skin samples from our donor in full respect of all regulations and to conduct all safety tests, we require two weeks notice before we can ship your order.

How are Genoskin products packed?

Our products are packed in a solid, specifically designed box to make sure that they arrive safely and in good condition at the destination of your choice. Please visit the pages of the human skin models of your choice for more in formation.

Do Genoskin's products allow standardized and reproducible experiments?

As reproducibility is the cornerstone of all scientific experiments, we provide standardized and ready to use kits. We also help you attaining more reproducible results. Please visit the Reproducibility page for more information.

Does Genoskin guarantee the safety of its products?

Genoskin provides a batch release certificate with every testing kit. This certificate contains safety information on HIV1/2 and Hepatitis B & C, and also H&E staining and clinical information on the donor. Please visit our Safety page to learn more.

What is the size of your NativeSkin® models?

Our human skin models consist of round skin biopsies in multi-well testing kits for easy manipulation. NativeSkin Models exist in various versions and sizes. Please visit our product page for more information.

What is the size of your FrozenSkin models?

FrozenSkin is provided as a sheet of human skin, with dimensions ranging from 49 to 100 cm2. Please contact us for more information.

Can I use the entire sample of your NativeSkin model after topical applications?

We strongly recommend to not include the part of the skin that is covered by the silicone ring for analysis. Instead, we suggest removing the uncovered skin by using a sterile biopsy punch of 8 mm in diameter. Please, request the User Manual for more details.

Why do Genoskin's models show real human skin response?

As real human skin tissue, our models show a structure identical to that of real skin (with all skin appendages), skin barrier function, and interaction between cells. Genoskin’s models then show real human skin response and are reliable last-line screen prior to in vivo clinical trials.

Why do Genoskin's products have a similar structure to that of real human skin?

The closer a test model comes to in vivo human skin, the more reliable your test results will be. NativeSkin® testing kits contain round skin biopsies of human origin. The skin used has not been grown artificially: its structure and composition are therefore fully equivalent to that of in vivo human skin.