Reproducibility of human skin experiments

Scientific discoveries can only be considered valid if the experiment allows other scientists to obtain the same results while respecting the same conditions. Reproducibility is the corner stone of all scientific experiments but recent studies show that obtaining results that can be replicated by another team can be hard to achieve. Reproducibility is influenced by various factors:

Complexity of human biological systems
Methodology used
Statistical power of the number of subjects
Reporting of methodology and materials used
Level of scientific training
Thoroughness and rigor …

Where Genoskin can help

Genoskin helps you on your way to reproducible results. In order to limit potential errors, our skin models are:


Genoskin’s human skin models are ready to use. No extra preparation of the skin is required. Genoskin’s skin biopsies are placed on top of their nourishing matrix and integrated in multi-well culture plates. They’re shipped in specifically designed boxes so that they arrive safely at their destination. For more details on how our products are shipped, please visit our page on delivery information.


Our human skin models are very easy to use. The matrix firmly maintains the biopsy in the culture well and makes it very easy to apply your compound both systemically and topically. The samples can then easily be collected using forceps, all you need to do is follow our instructions for use. Please don’t hesitate to request our instruction manual for more information.


In order to make sure all skin models meet high quality standards, Genoskin’s expert team follows a very strict procedure that is entirely standardized so as to leave no room for human error.


Genoskin’s human skin models are made from donated human skin. The skin biopsies we supply therefore hold all the characteristics of their donor. Should you wish to test various donor types or skin types during your experiment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Should you like to know whether our human skin models are the right choice for your experiment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.