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Genoskin aims to change drug development as we know it by using cutting-edge technology to make science move forward. Below you’ll find a list of publications that validate and/or use our unique technology and skin models for a wide range of applications. Simply click on the + sign to obtain more details and to access the publication of your choice.

September 2022 - Transcriptome Analysis of Particulate Matter 2.5-Induced Abnormal Effects on Human Sebocytes

August 2022 - Immortalized human myoblast cell lines for the delivery of therapeutic proteins using encapsulated cell technology

May 2022 - Mast cell–neuron axis in allergy

  • Mast cell–neuron axis in allergy 
    • Published in Current Opinion in Immunology – Volume 77, August 2022, 102213 – available online as of May 20, 2022
      • Nicolas Gaudenzio, Lilian Basso

January 2022 - Characterization of a novel non-steroidal glucocorticoid receptor agonist optimized for topical treatment

January 2022 - Polymethoxyflavones from Kaempferia parviflora ameliorate skin aging in primary human dermal fibroblasts and ex vivo human skin

December 2021 - Barrier disruption, dehydration and inflammation: Investigation of the vicious circle underlying dry skin

December 2021 - A hypothetical skin sensitisation next generation risk assessment for coumarin in cosmetic products

November 2021 - A suspended layer additive manufacturing approach to the bioprinting of tri-layered skin equivalents

October 2021 - The anti-wrinkles properties of sodium acetylated hyaluronate

October 2021 - A proof-of-concept study utilising 2D NMR spectrometry for in situ characterisation and quantitation of key biomarkers and actives in tape stripped ex vivo human skin

September 2021 - Clinical brightening efficacy and safety of Melasolv™ (3,4,5-trimethoxy cinnamate thymol ester, TCTE) in Southeast Asian women

July 2021 - Poster - Mitigation of Injection Site Reactions after Subcutaneous Administration of Dalcinonacog Alfa (DalcA) in Hemophilia B Using Preclinical Models

July 2021 - Poster - Assessing subcutaneous injection site reactions by leveraging immunocompetent human skin and artificial intelligence

March 2021 - Thesis - Development, validation and characterization of a perfused ex vivo human skin model : FlowSkin

February 2021 - hiPSC-Derived Epidermal Keratinocytes from Ichthyosis Patients Show Altered Expression of Cornification Markers

February 2021 - Calcipotriol/Betamethasone Dipropionate Foam Inhibits Th17 Cytokine Secretion and Improves Epidermal Barrier Markers in a Human Th17 Skin Inflammation Model

January 2021 - Challenges in Developing a Human Model System for Skin Microbiome Research

December 2020 - Active neutrophil responses counteract Candida albicans burn wound infection of ex vivo human skin explants

December 2020 - Standalone or combinatorial phenylbutyrate therapy shows excellent antiviral activity and mimics CREB3 silencing

December 2020 - Photothermally Active Cryogel Devices for Effective Release of Antimicrobial Peptides: On-Demand Treatment of Infections

November 2020 - Synthesis of Kisspeptin-Mimicking Fragments and Investigation of their Skin Anti-Aging Effects

October 2020 - Development and characterization of a human Th17 driven ex vivo skin inflammation model

October 2020 - Biomimetic and estrogenic fibers promote tissue repair in mice and human skin via estrogen receptor β

September 2020 - An ‘on-demand’ photothermal antibiotic release cryogel patch: evaluation of efficacy on an ex vivo model for skin wound infection

September 2020 - A novel skin brightening topical technology

  • A novel skin brightening topical technology
    • Published in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology – 28 September 2020; 19: 3280– 3285
      • Zoe Diana Draelos MD, Isabel Diaz BA, Aaron Cohen PhD, Junhong Mao PhD, Thomas Boyd PhD

August 2020 - The anti-ageing effects of a natural peptide discovered by artificial intelligence

July 2020 - Highly accurate skin-specific methylome analysis algorithm as a platform to screen and validate therapeutics for healthy aging

April 2020 - Identification of Malassezia furfur Secreted Aspartyl Protease 1 (MfSAP1) and Its Role in Extracellular Matrix Degradation

April 2020 - Single-cell transcriptomes of the human skin reveal age-related loss of fibroblast priming

January 2020 - Mapping 2D- and 3D-distributions of metal/metal oxide nanoparticles within cleared human ex vivo skin tissues

January 2020 - Epidermal and Dermal Hallmarks of Photoaging are Prevented by Treatment with Night Serum Containing Melatonin, Bakuchiol, and Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate: In Vitro and Ex Vivo Studies

January 2020 - Translational drug discovery and development with the use of tissue-relevant biomarkers: Towards more physiological relevance and better prediction of clinical efficacy

January 2020 - Anti-Wrinkle Benefits of Peptides Complex Stimulating Skin Basement Membrane Proteins Expression

Earlier Scientific Publications

2019 - An Efficient Means to Mitigate Skin Inflammaging by Inhibition of the NLRP3 Inflammasome and Nfkb Pathways: A Novel Epigenetic Mechanism

November 2019 - Sustained Secretion of the Antimicrobial Peptide S100A7 Is Dependent on the Downregulation of Caspase-8

October 2019 - Improvements of both inflammation and skin barrier in a human Th17 skin inflammation model by topical treatment with fixed-dose combination calcipotriene/betamethasone dipropionate foam

September 2019 - Peptidylarginine Deiminase Inhibitor Cl-Amidine Attenuates Cornification and Interferes with the Regulation of Autophagy in Reconstructed Human Epidermis

September 2019 - A human skin model to evaluate the protective effect of compounds against UVA damage

September 2019 - Poster - Scientific Visualisation of Skin Damage caused by Irritants in Human Skin

September 2019 - Poster - Evaluation of pharmacological responses to subcutaneous injection of adalimumab in InflammaSkin®, a full-thickness human ex vivo skin model reproducing key features of psoriatic lesions

September 2019 - Poster - Ex vivo visualization and extended release from a dissolvable microarray

  • Ex vivo visualization and extended release from a dissolvable microarray
    • Scientific Poster presented at the 2019 Congress of the European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR) – September 18-21, 2019
      • K. T. Nielsen, A. H. Eriksson, M. F. Carlsen, K. M. Engel, J. Jansson, K. Petersson, M. A. Røpke, M. Bertelsen, P. Kemp –
        LEO Pharma A/S, Ballerup, Denmark

September 2019 - Poster - Preservation of human skin integrity and metabolism during 10 days in culture with NativeSkin® system

September 2019 - Poster - Bacterial infection and wound healing in an ex vivo human skin model

  • Bacterial infection and wound healing in an ex vivo human skin model
    • Scientific Poster presented at the 2019 Congress of the European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR) – September 18-21, 2019
      • E. Pagès (Genoskin), M. Pastore (Genoskin), L. Rosselle (TissueAegis), A. Barras (UMR 8520 – IEMN), N. Skandrani (TissueAegis), A.R. Cantelmo (INSERM U1003), R. Boukherroub (UMR 8520 – IEMN), P. Descargues (Genoskin), S. Szunerits (UMR 8520 – IEMN)

August 2019 - Near-infrared light activable hydrogels for metformin delivery

  • Near-infrared light activable hydrogels for metformin delivery
    • Published in Nanoscale – 2019 Aug 29;11(34):15810-15820
      • Li Chengnan, Quentin Pagneux, Anna Voronova, Alexandre Barras, Amar Abderrahmani, Valérie Plaisance, Valerie Pawlowski, Nathalie Hennuyer, Bart Staels, Lea Rosselle, Nadia Skandrani, Musen Li, Rabah Boukherroub, Sabine Szunerits

July 2019 - The Actin-Based Motor Myosin Vb Is Crucial to Maintain Epidermal Barrier Integrity

June 2019 - The Amino-Terminal Part of Human FLG2 Is a Component of Cornified Envelopes

December 2018 - Melatonin, bakuchiol and ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate synergize to modulate gene expression and restore Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1 signaling in UV-exposed skin

December 2018 - Poster - A fully functional ex vivo human skin model to study human skin microbiome

October 2018 - Phenotypic and lipidomic characterization of primary human epidermal keratinocytes exposed to simulated solar UV radiation

October 2018 - Myosin phosphatase accelerates cutaneous wound healing by regulating migration and differentiation of epidermal keratinocytes via Akt signaling pathway in human and murine skin

May 2018 - 3D imaging of cleared human skin biopsies using light-sheet microscopy: A new way to visualize in-depth skin structure

May 2018 - Poster - 3D imaging of cleared ex vivo normal human skin, skin appendages and psoriasiform skin lesion using light-sheet microscopy

May 2018 - Poster - NativeSkin®, an immunocompetent human skin model to study antigen uptake and processing by Langerhans cells

March 2018 - Poster - Epicutaneous immunotherapy with peanut directly tragets Langerhans cells in human skin

January 2018 - Poster - Evaluation of local inflammatory reactions following subcutaneous injection of a pro-inflammatory cocktail in a fully human ex vivo skin model

September 2017 - Oxidative damage and impairment of protein quality control systems in keratinocytes exposed to a volatile organic compounds cocktail

September 2017 - Poster - Evaluation of pharmacological responses in a fully human ex vivo skin model following in situ T cell activation with Th17/Th1 psoriasis-like phenotype

June 2017 - SIRT1 activation mediates heat-induced survival of UVB damaged Keratinocytes

January 2017 - Mechanistic insights into the impact of Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma on human epithelial cell lines

2016 - In vitro Dermal Absorption of Hydroquinone: Protocol Validation and Applicability on Illegal Skin-Whitening Cosmetics

November 2016 - Integrating targeted gene expression and a skin model system to identify functional inhibitors of the UV activated p38 MAP kinase

October 2016 - Thesis - Development of a human ex vivo melanoma model based on the implantation of tumor spheroids into skin explants

May 2016 - Heat-mediated reduction of apoptosis in UVB-damaged keratinocytes in vitro and in human skin ex vivo

October 2015 - In vitro and in vivo dermal absorption assessment of acetyl aspartic acid: a compartmental study

October 2015 - Safety assessment of a novel active ingredient, acetyl aspartic acid, according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation and the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety guidelines

March 2015 - A Novel Explant Model for Skin Delivery Assessment

March 2015 - Human Skin Models for Research Applications in Pharmacology and Toxicology: Introducing NativeSkin®, the “Missing Link” Bridging Cell Culture and/or Reconstructed Skin Models and Human Clinical Testing

October 2014 - Calcipotriol counteracts betamethasone-induced decrease in extracellular matrix components related to skin atrophy

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