Genoskin in the News: article on Benzinga

Genoskin in the News: article on Benzinga

Benzinga biotech reporter Shanthi Rexaline recently spoke to GENOSKIN’s CEO Pascal Descargues.

In the interview, Pascal shared the inspiration behind founding Genoskin: Pascal quickly realized during his postdoctoral fellowship that animal models were not predictive enough. Pascal also had the opportunity to present Genoskin’s technology. He walked Shanthi through the Genoskin workflow: from sourcing skin samples to performing safety and efficacy studies for researchers from GSK, Sanofi, LEO Pharma and others.

Genoskin assays are a relevant alternative to animal testing. The article highlights how testing on living human models generates much more reliable data than animal experimentation. Genoskin addresses both the scientific relevancy challenge and an ethics one.

Pascal Descargues and Shanthi Rexaline also talked about what lies ahead for the company. Genoskin aims to continue its triple-digit growth in the next few years supported by an active R&D, the launch of an innovative line of products and services and a growing global footprint.

Read the full interview on the Benzinga website. 

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