Genoskin signs distribution agreement with Japanese distributor

Genoskin signs distribution agreement with Japan’s Fujifilm Wako Pure Chemical

The Genoskin team is excited to announce that we’ve signed an agreement with the Japanese Fujifilm Wako Pure Chemical Corporation to distribute Genoskin’s ex vivo human skin models to customers in Japan. This agreement will enable Genoskin to respond to the specific needs of exisiting and potential customers in Japan and to increase its presence in the Japanese market.

Hi-tech skin models for Japan’s cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies

Genoskin offers unique technology for the preclinical testing of cosmetic ingredients and products using highly predictive ex vivo human skin models. Our hi-tech models provide an answer to cosmetic companies that are looking for new ways to test their products on skin. Pharmaceutical companies are also seeking highly predictive and reliable models to evaluate the human skin’s response to new drug candidates prior to clinical trials. Genoskin addresses the pharmaceutical and dermatology market with ex vivo human skin models that allow for topical applicationsubcutaneous administration and anti-inflammatory drug testing.

The Japanese cosmetics and pharmaceutical market, an important growth factor for Genoskin

The Japanese cosmetics market is the second largest worldwide, with $13,1 billion in sales in 2016 (1). Japan’s pharmaceutical market is the third worldwide (2). Worth around $70 billion in 2016, it is expected to grow up to $72 billion by 2021 (3).

A local distributor for long-term presence in Japan

Even though Genoskin already supplies its unique ex vivo human skin models to Japanese customers, having a local distributor to handle importation, procedures and distribution (4) is a real asset to strengthen our local presence and create lasting business relationships. As the choice of a good partner is essential to success, Genoskin has decided to work with Fujifilm Wako Pure Chemical Corporation, the largest import company in Japan for reagents, with a national presence and the know-how to deliver Genoskin’s products quickly and safely.

Fujifilm Wako Pure Chemical, a strong partner

Wako Pure Chemicals Industries, Ltd. was created in 1947 after Takeda Chobei Shoten (the present Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company) split with its Chemicals Department. In 2017, Wako became a 100% subsidiary of the Fujifilm Corporation, before it merged with Fujiflm Finechemicals Co. to become the Fujifilm Wako Pure Chemical Corporation. Today, Fujifilm Wako Pure Chemical Corporation has 2,179 employees and provides laboratory chemicals, specialty chemicals and diagnostic reagents around the world. With a commitment to the future of science, the company is dedicated to creating customer value and contentment as a supplier of innovative, technological solutions.

Fast delivery for efficient testing

This distribution agreement will enable Japanese customers to receive Genoskin’s ex vivo human skin models in 48 hours, allowing them to conduct their testing on the models for up to 5 days. Genoskin has demonstrated that its products can handle a 2/3-day transport and that skin integrity and viability are preserved thanks to the proprietary nourishing matrix. For any enquiries related to Genoskin’s activities in Japan, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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