Genoskin at the World Vaccine Congress in DC!

Genoskin at the World Vaccine Congress

Advancing Vaccine Research with High-Dimensional Immune Profiling

As the global vaccine community gathers for the World Vaccine Congress in Washington, D.C., from April 1-4, Genoskin is excited to announce its participation in this prestigious event. Set to take place at the heart of the nation’s capital, the congress is a cornerstone event for vaccine professionals worldwide, offering a platform for sharing groundbreaking research, fostering collaborations, and exploring the latest advancements in vaccine development.

This year, Genoskin will be showcasing its innovative approach to vaccine efficacy evaluation at booth #544, providing attendees with an exclusive look at our pioneering services designed to revolutionize vaccine research.

Pioneering Poster Presentation: A New Benchmark in Vaccine Research

At the heart of Genoskin’s presentation is our poster, titled “Innovative Vaccine Efficacy Evaluation with High-Dimensional Immune Profiling through Bio-Stabilized Human Skin.” This research introduces a novel methodology utilizing our proprietary bio-stabilized, injectable ex vivo human skin model HypoSkin® , to study the human immune response to vaccines within its natural tissue context. Our approach provides a dual-scale investigative lens, from organ-wide to single-cell resolutions, enabling a detailed examination of the immune landscape’s dynamics in response to vaccination.

Our findings, particularly with the Moderna mRNA-1273 COVID-19 vaccine, demonstrate the ability of Hyposkin® to maintain viability and functionality for up to ten days post-injection. The induced cytokine and chemokine release pattern, crucial for T cell and monocyte recruitment, alongside significant shifts in the activation states of myeloid and lymphoid cells, underscores a robust and coordinated immune response directly at the injection site.

Discover more about the research and methodologies driving our vaccine efficacy evaluations by watching our VaxSkin® Techtalk, a comprehensive presentation that sheds light on the science and potential of VaxSkin® in advancing vaccine development.

Setting a New Standard in Preclinical Vaccine Evaluation

The World Vaccine Congress provides an ideal backdrop to highlight the translational potential of our VaxSkin® platform. By offering a multiscale vision of the skin’s vaccination response, we aim to set a new benchmark for the evaluation and optimization of vaccine efficacy and adjuvant potency in a non-clinical setting. Our innovative approach promises to accelerate the development of novel vaccination strategies, ensuring a closer approximation to human immune behavior and enhancing the predictive accuracy of preclinical research.

VaxSkin®: Integrated multiomic assays to select the most promising candidate

VaxSkin® is a platform built on four pivotal axes that allow a comprehensive immunoprofiling of the human skin response to vaccines over time at both the organ and single-cell levels.

Assess immunogenicity with multiplex analysis of cytokines


Assess the modulation of cytokines in response to vaccine injection. Uncover biological pathways activated upon vaccine injection based on cytokines secreted.

Evaluate immune response at the tissue level


Discover the biological pathways impacted by the adjuvant and the vaccine based on gene expression at the tissue level.

Understand immune cell types involved in vaccine response


Understand the signaling pathways activated by the vaccine. Uncover which immune cells are incorporating the mRNA vaccine.

Analyze APC activation upon vaccine injection


Investigate APC activation at the protein level with multiplex spatial imaging (MANTIS®).

Join Us at the World Vaccine Congress

The World Vaccine Congress is more than just a conference; it’s a global meeting point for vaccine experts committed to advancing public health. As we prepare to share our insights and findings, we invite attendees to visit us at booth #544 to discover how Genoskin’s cutting-edge solutions can revolutionize vaccine research. For more details about the congress, please visit the World Vaccine Congress website.

Genoskin’s participation in the World Vaccine Congress is a testament to our dedication to pioneering research that pushes the boundaries of vaccine development. We look forward to engaging with our peers, collaborators, and the broader scientific community to share insights, foster partnerships, and contribute to the advancement of vaccine research and development.

Join us in our journey to redefine the landscape of vaccine research and ensure the development of safer, more effective vaccines for all!.

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