Pharma’s Almanac: Overcoming skin assays challenges with living human skin models

Pharma’s Almanac: Overcoming skin assays challenges with living human skin models

Genoskin’s CEO, Pascal Descargues was asked to contribute to the next issue of Pharma’s Almanac. It’s increasingly critical for pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs faster and more efficiently. In this article, Pascal gives some insights into how living human skin models help accelerate research. 

For decades, the norm for preclinical testing has been animal experimentation. However, animal skin models are very different from real human skin, they are not sufficiently predictive. The same goes for reconstructed skin models and bioprinted skin models that can mimic human skin structure but lack all appendages, especially immune cells. Pharmaceutical companies need an accurate, easy-to-translate model to reduce clinical trial risk and accelerate their drug development. Pascal highlights how Genoskin’s ex vivo skin assays meet this need: “Genoskin’s human skin models are a reliable last-line screen prior to in vivo clinical trials.”

“Genoskin models help leading private and publicly traded pharma and biotech companies evaluate how the skin reacts to a new therapy in regards to absorption, melanin levels, inflammation, or immune response, as well as any changes in a drug caused by the skin.”

Pascal also presents our full preclinical services. Leveraging the technology behind HypoSkin®, the first injectable ex vivo skin model, Genoskin can fully assess the toxicity and efficacy of injectables such as vaccines. “For emerging companies developing COVID-19 vaccines, Genoskin can conduct experiments with our HypoSkin® model to investigate injection site reactions, including the analytical testing required to support such studies. The HypoSkin® platform is, in fact, an excellent model for understanding the primary effects of vaccines on the skin.”

Finally, the article opens to the future of Genoskin, going beyond skin biology, and collaborating with bioinformatics.

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