Genoskin reinforces R&D capabilities

Genoskin reinforces R&D capabilities

Genoskin Research & Development offers new services to portfolio available to partners with the addition of new equipment.

Genoskin’s R&D recently added a Meso Scale QuickPlex SQ120 for high-performance electroluminescence immunoassays. This new instrument will enable our teams to detect the presence of biomarkers down to femtoscale concentrations.

Genoskin also added a best-in-class solar simulator (Solar Light) capable of irradiating samples with either UVA, UVB, a combination of UV A and B or full-spectrum sunlight. This device is specifically designed for sun exposure simulation and will enable Genoskin to evaluate effects and stability of compounds on human skin under such irradiation (i.e. SPF testing for anti-UV formulations, …).

Genoskin pursues with these investments a strategy to strengthen its R&D capabilities and further characterize our novel skin assays.

This also enables Genoskin to add services to our catalog and meet clients’ needs for studies. Today our team perform H&E staining, immunofluorescence assays, cytokine release assays, RNA extraction, protein extraction, lipolysis assay…and many more.

If you have a new R&D project but don’t have the resources or time to manage it, feel free to contact us. Our skin experts will be happy to design a study that fits your needs.

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